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16 Mar What is the half-life of steroids?
Dr. Tony Big 0 646
What is the half-life of steroids?This is crucial to understand the concept of a half-life of steroids, not only for anabolic steroid use alone, but for the use of any drugs, substances, and even foods that you consume. The concept of a steroid half-life is a concept within science that applies to almost all disciplines of science: physics, biology..
11 Mar Oral Steroids Introduction
Dr. Tony Big 0 627
Oral Steroids IntroductionNewcomers and prospective anabolic steroid users always are very interested to find out more information about oral steroids. This topic is perhaps one of the most popular because first-time users are attracted by the convenience of anabolic steroids in a very convenient easy to swallow pill or capsule format. There are se..
03 Mar Steroid Cycles
Dr. Tony Big 0 557
IntroductionDespite the fact, that according to mass media and the government, anabolic steroid cycles can be quite dangerous, the use of anabolic steroids under proper guidelines and conditions can be a very safe practice when it is done responsibly, sensibly and properly. Of course, like with any other compounds, substances or chemicals, the use ..
07 Dec STEROIDS FAMILY TREE (Type of Steroids)
Dr. Tony Big 0 748
IntroductionThe word “steroid” refers to the chemical structure of a class of compounds. Prefix ‘ster’ is derived from the Greek word ‘STERE’ which means a solid, and the suffix ‘oid' is derived from the word ‘EIDOS' and is commonly affixed in Greek as a suffix as ‘OIEDES', which means a three-dimensional form or shape. The types of steroids that w..
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