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Reward Point System | Steroids Online

Reward points in our store work as a payment method for your orders!
You have many ways to earn rewards - here is a summary on how to do that.

The simplest way to earn Reward points is by purchasing products from our store. The amount of points earned per product is visible in the product page, under the Add to cart button. If you want to know how much points you need to spend in order to buy the product, you can see the product cost in reward points directly under the EUR price.

You can leave an honest review on major review sites and get points for that:
The more details you provide, the more reward points will be credited to you!
For example: 
GET 30 EUR in reward points for plain text review.
GET 40 EUR in reward points for a review with a picture.
GET 50 EUR in reward points for a full review with all the pictures and rating stars.
You can choose which site to leave your review on, or you can leave it on all of them. But please keep in mind that the review bonus is calculated per order and not for the amount of reviews left.

Your selfie
Love the results you achieved using our products and want to share your progress with others? Send us a picture of yourself holding our product, or at least a piece of paper with the word "DEUS" written on it. Please keep your privacy in mind and send pictures where no personal details and face are visible. Pictures will be posted online.
GET 30 EUR in reward points for participating!

Submit a picture of the products you received and get Reward points depending on the order amount and the products shown in the picture 
GET 10 to 30 EUR in reward points for submitting!

Registering and subscribing!
GET 10 POINTS for registering at our store
GET 10 POINTS for subscribing to our newsletter
GET 20 POINTS for your first order
GET 10 POINTS for subscribing to our Telegram channel

General Conditions

Customer need to be registered on our store to participate in reward point system.

Reward points is acquired by purchasing products on the store. The more the purchases you make the more points you get.
Points will be added to your account when your payment has been received and your order dispatched.
Additional points can be earned by registering, placing your first order, signing up for newsletter, signing up for telegram channel and leaving a reviews on major online forums.
Reward points for reviews can be acquired on order basis but not more than once every 90 days. Once the review is placed, you should inform us about it.

You can see you reward point balance by going to your account and clicking on reward points.

Reward points can be spent on covering the cost of your purchase.
You will see on the product page, the cost for the product in reward points as well as how many reward points will be credited when purchasing a certain product.
Only 70% of your purchase can be covered by reward points excluding shipping cost.
Reward points have an expiry date – 90 days from the day when they were added to your account.
Reward points cannot be exchanged to currency and cannot be refunded.