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DEUSPOWER.SHOP specializes in Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs). 

We are an official worldwide distributor of India, Kolkata based brand DEUS MEDICAL®.

As well as official distributer of sports supplements brand BIAXOL.

We offer a wide range of premium quality products to all types of individuals starting from gym enthusiast to body building professionals. With us you will achieve your ultimate body and mind-set.

Our business model is customer orientated approach, so we are working hard to always answer all your inquiries either it's about the products or suggestion on what to use and how to use or about you parcel shipping information. Don't hesitate and contact us, if you have any questions, recommendations or complaints. We will always find a solution.

The team at DeusPower is sports oriented. We are a sports enthusiasts and we always try to do better as in training and achieving more, as well as in our job, to do better and to make every customer happy.