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Are you running an online store and want to boost your sales by offering Deus Medical and Biaxol products without stocking up your warehouse?
Or are your planning to start your own shop with small investments?
Our dropshiping offer can help in both of these scenarios!

How does DeusPower dropshipping work?

We provide you with all the necessary information that you need to place Deus Medical and Biaxol products in your store. You choose your final selling price following our guidelines. Products are shipped from our warehouse to your client.

Step-by-step example.

Clients order arrives to you store.
You forward all the details to us.
You receive a payment ($$) from client according to the price in your store.
You make a payment ($) to DeusPower according to our pricelist.
You make a profit ($).
We dispatch the order to your client quickly and discreetly.

Why choose dropshipping?

You don’t need a warehouse and you won’t even be touching the products.
We organize all the shipping and will dispatch via the best route based on our years of experience.
We are always responsive and available via email or telegram.
Deposit of 1500 EUR is required to speed up the payment processing times. Once your order arrives, it is instantly covered from your deposit and dispatched straight away.


To get more details please send us an email for equerry and further details.

Wholesale orders.

We are official distributers and we do wholesale orders as well.