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17 Apr Blood analysis during steroids use
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Blood analysis during steroids use1. IntroductionWhen considering using steroids, we often think about associated health problems like gynecomastia, alopecia, acne... all aesthetic adverse effects that are visible at first glance. However, few people truly worry about what can really ruin your life: organic adverse effects.But how can we know if th..
10 Apr How Does Nutrition Affect Athletic Performance?
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How Does Nutrition Affect Athletic Performance?No matter your level of fitness or experience, proper fueling is critical to optimizing performance. Athletes should strive to consume whole foods like oatmeal, brown rice, and quinoa that contain plenty of nutrient-rich carbohydrates, lean proteins from lean sources, low-fat dairy products, and health..
14 Mar How To Get Into Bodybuilding Shape?
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How To Get Into Bodybuilding Shape?Getting into a bodybuilding shape can be a difficult task, but with the right approach, it's achievable! Whether you aim to compete professionally or simply want to sculpt your physique, there are some critical steps to follow. First of all, it's essential to understand that bodybuilding isn't just about lifting w..
11 Mar How To Start To Use Pharmacology
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How To Start To Use Pharmacology1. IntroToday's article is precisely about this, what you need to know before deciding to take PEDS, what options you have, how to do it correctly, and what is the proper order to preserve health and maximize results.2. Let's Assess The DecisionLet's be clear, you don't want to use drugs, you want to improve, improve..
06 Feb What is Stanozolol Used for in Bodybuilding?
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What is Stanozolol Used for in Bodybuilding?Have you ever wondered what separates the sculpted physiques on the covers of fitness magazines from the rest of us? It often involves more than just rigorous workouts and a clean diet. Enter Stanozolol tablet, a synthetic steroid derived from testosterone, touted for its muscle-enhancing capabilities. Bu..
02 Feb Estradiol and Manage on Cycle
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Estradiol and Manage on Cycle1. IntroI'm sure that u read and u know what is estradiol, if you don´t know better because here you will learn what the fuck is that and why is so important for us, for men who are involved in PEDs use and which tools we have to manage it correctly.Estradiol is a hormone, known as feminine but every human has estradiol..
23 Jan Your first cycle: The Guide
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Your first cycle: The GuideOne of the most asked questions that we have to answer is: “what would be a good first cycle?”… and the answer will always be: “depends”.First of all always take in mind that deciding to take the big step and using PEDs involves some risks, and its never as beautiful or easy as your gym dealer or friendly influencer tells..
19 Jan Blood Tests and Gynecomastia: A Detailed Approach
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Blood Tests and Gynecomastia: A Detailed ApproachWhen addressing gynecomastia, a condition characterized by the enlargement of breast tissue in males, certain initial blood tests are essential. These include measuring total and free testosterone, estradiol levels in blood and urine, LH (Luteinizing Hormone), and hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). ..
15 Jan Androgens and Fat Loss: A Comprehensive Understanding
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Androgens and Fat Loss: A Comprehensive UnderstandingAndrogens, commonly associated with male traits and reproductive activity, play a multifaceted role beyond just interacting with the androgen receptor (AR). They also engage with a variety of other receptors, including the glucocorticoid receptor (GR). In adipose tissue, or body fat, androgens ha..
15 Jan What Supplement Should I Take for Bodybuilding?
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What Supplement Should I Take for Bodybuilding?There's nothing better for a bodybuilder than more fat loss, explosive growth, and enhanced performance. The best thing you can do is take supplements!There is a myth that supplements are unnecessary as they are only used when a person is nutritionally deficient; that is not the case!However, recently,..
15 Dec What to Eat Before Morning Workout
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What to Eat Before Morning Workout - BodybuildingWhen you are a bodybuilder or a gym lover, you know the importance of fueling the body with the proper pre-workout meal. When you eat a healthy pre-workout meal bodybuilding, you will get the energy and nutrients you need to get through the workout, boost your metabolism, and build lean muscle.But wi..
22 Nov Fertility protocols
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Fertility protocolsTherapy and SteroidsIn the realm of bodybuilding and hormone replacement therapy (TRT), the use of testosterone and anabolic steroids has been a commonplace. However, concerns often arise when individuals on these substances wish to start a family, owing to the potential negative impacts on fertility. A pragmatic approach is nece..
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