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LGD4033 10 SARM in Tablets

LGD4033 10 (Ligandrol), Deus Medical, Buy Steroids Online -
LGD4033 10 (Ligandrol), Deus Medical, Buy Steroids Online -
LGD4033 10 (Ligandrol), Deus Medical, Buy Steroids Online -
LGD4033 10 (Ligandrol), Deus Medical, Buy Steroids Online -
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LGD4033 10 SARM in Tablets
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LGD4033 10mg/tab


Package Content:

1 Box of 2x 25 Tablets, 10mg per Tablet 

What Is Ligandrol:

Ligandrol (LGD4033), commonly known as Ligandrol, is a type of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). It is reputed for its potential to promote rapid muscle mass gain while simultaneously reducing body fat. LGD4033 is often considered as a top choice among male and female bodybuilders for enhancing anabolic activity, increasing strength, and promoting muscle growth.

How To Use:

LGD 4033 is not classified as a dietary supplement intended for human consumption, which means there is no officially recommended dosage from medical authorities. However, bodybuilders have been using this selective androgen receptor modulator for more than a decade, and there is substantial anecdotal evidence suggesting optimal dosages.

Here are dosage guidelines for LGD 4033 commonly followed by bodybuilders:

Beginner Dosage: 10mg/day

Medium Dosage: 20mg/day

Advanced Dosage: 30mg/day

To minimize the likelihood of adverse effects or side effects, it is advisable to keep the dosage below 20mg/day.

Special Precautions For Storage:

Store below 30°C.
Protect from light. Do not freeze.

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