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08 Mar Dan Bilzerian, what PEDs does a millionaire take
Dr. Tony Big 0 902
Dan Bilzerian, what PEDs does a millionaire takeDan Bilzerian is a well-known public figure who has gained notoriety for his extravagant lifestyle and controversial behavior. He was born in Tampa, Florida in 1980, and was raised in a wealthy family. Bilzerian received an education at prestigious institutions such as the University of Florida and Na..
03 Mar Testosterone Makes Effort Feel Good - Andrew Huberman and Joe Rogan
Dr. Tony Big 0 710
Testosterone Makes Effort Feel Good - Andrew Huberman and Joe RoganJoe Rogan, the host of one of the most popular podcasts in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience, is known for his wide-ranging conversations with guests from all walks of life. In a recent episode, Rogan sat down with Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist and professor at Stanford Univer..
22 Feb Overview of SEMAGLUTIDE (Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1))
Dr. Tony Big 0 1428
SEMAGLUTIDE (Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1))IntroductionSemaglutide is a medication that belongs to a class of drugs called glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists, which are used to treat type 2 diabetes. It works by mimicking the effects of a hormone called GLP-1, which is naturally produced by the body in response to food intake, and helps to..
19 Jan Brian Johnson aka Liver King's Secret Formula
0 3626
Brian Johnson aka Liver King's Secret FormulaBrian Johnson aka Liver King, is an American social media influencer businessman who advocates for following a primitive lifestyle based on the nine ancestral tenants.Recently Liver King has gone viral because the youtuber Derek, also known as More Plates More Dates, has published several private emails ..
15 Jul The Evolution Of Female Bodybuilding
Dr. Tony Big 0 697
The Evolution Of Female BodybuildingWhen the concept of female bodybuilding started to emerge, the internet was a platform for the government and academics, desk phones were in vogue, and fax machines were the biggest innovation of the time. But behind the scenes of more eclectic characters like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was starting to transition..
15 Jul How to do a Deadlift: Best technique and Tips
Dr. Tony Big 0 7188
How to do a Deadlift: Best technique and TipsWeightlifting is about raising weights and returning them to the ground. That principle applies in just about every form of the sport, including deadlifting. The simple approach makes weightlifting a go-to favorite for improving health, building muscle, and training strength.How to do a Deadlift: Best te..
15 Jul Bulk Up With The Science Of Bodybuilding
Dr. Tony Big 0 1112
Bulk Up With The Science Of BodybuildingBuilding muscle isn’t random. Usually, it’s the outcome of working out and eating healthy. Even then, anyone can use a gym, pick up random weights, follow a diet without any goal plan, and still end up with some level of muscle growth. However, the likelihood of bulking up randomly with consistent results is ..
15 Jul Bodybuilding Diet: What You Can Eat
Dr. Tony Big 0 738
Bodybuilding Diet: What You Can EatLet's say right away that there is no universal bodybuilding diet, precisely because goals are individual and the athlete's physique is always different, so the diet varies on a case-by-case basis. However, certain basic physiological principles apply to everyone.What Is Bodybuilding?Body-building - we wrote it de..
15 Jul How To Get Started In Bodybuilding For Absolute Beginners?
Dr. Tony Big 0 535
How To Get Started In Bodybuilding For Absolute Beginners?Even if you've never been to the gym or can't remember the last time you stepped foot in one, it's always a good time to get back in. Recovering your fitness is essential.Building natural muscle mass and increasing your strength is possible: and this path begins with a few handy tips.TIP 1: ..
16 Mar What is the half-life of steroids?
Dr. Tony Big 0 1183
What is the half-life of steroids?This is crucial to understand the concept of a half-life of steroids, not only for anabolic steroid use alone, but for the use of any drugs, substances, and even foods that you consume. The concept of a steroid half-life is a concept within science that applies to almost all disciplines of science: physics, biology..
11 Mar Oral Steroids Introduction
Dr. Tony Big 0 1058
Oral Steroids IntroductionNewcomers and prospective anabolic steroid users always are very interested to find out more information about oral steroids. This topic is perhaps one of the most popular because first-time users are attracted by the convenience of anabolic steroids in a very convenient easy to swallow pill or capsule format.There are sev..
03 Mar Steroid Cycles
Dr. Tony Big 0 936
Steroid Cycles IntroductionDespite the fact, that according to mass media and the government, anabolic steroid cycles can be quite dangerous, the use of anabolic steroids under proper guidelines and conditions can be a very safe practice when it is done responsibly, sensibly and properly. Of course, like with any other compounds, substances or chem..
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